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Hello! My name is Liz Leia, and I have spent the last 4 years coaching men on what makes us women tick! After enough of my male clients and blog readers said, “Hey, what about the women?” I realized that I could no longer keep my material so “one-sided.” It got to the point where every time I said something to the men–whether in a blog article or to a high-paying private client–I would follow it up with, “Now, of course, if I were teaching women, I’d tell them…”

This is not just a business evolution; it’s a personal one as well. When I first started out as a dating coach, it was with the belief that men were screwed up, that men were hopeless and clueless and needed to be educated about the beautiful and mysterious creature that is the female human.

Now I realize that this is a reflection of one of the most common mistakes that women make: the belief that our struggles in dating and relationships come from being misunderstood by men.

I will honor right now that some men don’t understand femininity.

But, have you ever found yourself thinking, “If he would just…everything would be fine.”?

You know what I’m talking about: whenever there is a struggle or a conflict, you’re very good at knowing exactly what he needs to do in order to resolve it. (By the way, I’m right there with you!)

Whether single or in a relationship, this is poison to your femininity–a.k.a. you stop being sexy.  

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let him know what your needs are. Trust me.

If there is any doubt that there are good men out there–good single men–then let me put it to rest right now: if there’s one thing I’ve learned both from my own relationships and from working with men, it’s that most men deeply desire to know how to make women happy!

For some reason, I’ve noticed that not a lot of women have this same deep desire when it comes to men.
     Most men ask: “How can I please her?”
     Most women ask: “How can he please me?”

(By the way, this doesn’t make women selfish–most of us have been taught that focusing on your man’s pleasure is dis-empowering and will roll back the feminist movement by about 50 years.)

And like I said, I’m right there with you. In fact, I used to create a lot of drama and destruction in my own dating life because whenever a conflict arose, I would say, “Honey, look, I’m the dating expert here, and what you need to do is…” Yikes!

Here’s the harsh truth:

If you are still single…
If you are attracting the wrong men…
If your partner is no longer romantic or appreciative…
Maybe it’s not men who are the problem.

If you, like me, are an “expert” at picking out what he’s doing wrong (whether he is the guy you just met or the guy you’ve been married to for decades), then the good news is–you’re already aware of what needs to change!

Now, simply focus that same expertise on picking out what you could be doing differently instead…even if what you could be doing differently is finding a man who’s a better match for you.

This begins with a willingness to simply ask the question: “What can I do differently?”

In my own relationship, it was being more appreciative, being more generous, being more supportive, and giving him some space every now and then! When I started to focus on what he needed, the things I complained about suddenly weren’t issues anymore. He became more attentive, more affectionate, more passionate, more of what I wanted. But I didn’t get it by complaining about him–I got that by changing ME.

I have found that there is not much out there for women who are truly dedicated to developing themselves–sure, there’s lots of dating advice, but it seems to center on, again, how to get HIM to do what you want.

Pursuing an extraordinary relationship is a path that requires you to grow. This blog is all about how you can develop yourself into an even more sexy, open, strong woman (and yes, that probably will inspire him to make changes, too!). Welcome!

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