Happy Holidays! Get Some Balls

As the holiday season rolls around and 2011 is coming to close, I’d like to thank you, my readers, for a great year! I appreciate ALL of your comments, questions, emails, and support since we got the “ball” rolling in October for a woman’s blog. I wish you happy holidays and a merry new year! To close out the 2011 Inspire His Desire season, here’s a holiday message from my blog editor, Chelsea Powers:

I don’t know about you, but it seems like whenever I attempt to go Christmas shopping I end up buying things for myself.

But, who am I to judge? Some habits just aren’t meant to be broken. If you have some spare cash lying around, I think one of the best gifts you can give yourself this holiday season is a pair of ben wa balls.

I learned about these while studying Taoism.* Ben wa balls are two small balls that women insert into their vagina. According to Taoist principles,

a)      Life should be joyful

b)      Sex is joyful

*Disclaimer: Taoism has a lot of depth. This short synopsis is just one of the main things I got out of it.

Ben wa balls can be used throughout the day in both sexual and non-sexual contexts. Many women across the world have a pair, especially women who have boring jobs where they sit around all day. Unlike balls that hang off of dudes, ben wa balls can help give you stronger kegels. Along with health benefits, they provide emotional benefits like feeling less stressed out and just… feeling good. Mainly, they’re used to promote your health. Sex is an afterthought.  

A great resource to get some balls is here (not affiliated):  http://calmspirit.net/jade_pearls/jade_ben_wa_balls.htm. If it helps, I’ve heard that the best ones are made out of jade, but I haven’t heard any tangible reasons why jade is the best that didn’t sound like woo-woo-hippy-fairy-holding-hands-under-a-freaking-rainbow-BS. But, I think you’ll agree that the idea of jade feels more appealing than plastic or spring steel.

In the spirit of giving, go ahead and treat yourself! If you don’t have a man who has a pair of balls, get your own! And if you are a lucky woman who has a man with balls, then the more the merrier! Make this holiday season the best. Buy these balls and at some point some dude will thank you profusely. Until then, you have yourself to thank.

Happy holidays!




  1. Hahahaha… this is pretty funny Chelsea, and I’ll note: a chick who uses Ben Wa balls is definitely taking steps towards attracting me :D

    Keep rockin’.

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