With a background as a screenwriter, Liz worked with keynote speaker and published author, Sean Stephenson, at his former company, Inner Game Magazine, where she wrote a monthly column titled ‘Getting Inside a Woman.’ When Inner Game Magazine closed in 2009, Liz founded her own company by the same name and continued to teach men across the globe on how to be powerfully attractive to women. Liz now teaches both men and women on how to be authentically sexy!

Liz is certified as a hypnotherapist and trainer of NLP and Time Empowerment Techniques, which are effective, results-oriented alternatives to traditional psychotherapy. Liz has studied communication skills, attraction, and dating extensively. She doesn’t waste time dispensing useless advice about what shoes to wear and what to say on a date; rather, she offers deep insight into how attraction works on an unconscious level.

Liz offers seminars and private, one-on-one coaching for both men and women who want to learn how to create an extraordinary relationship with their perfect match.